Electric Utility Solutions

XP-RS focuses on providing geospatial data and engineering services for electric transmission applications. The company offers engineering design data suitable for
PLS-CADD and other transmission line design software. It also offers GIS data and data processing services and has a wealth of experise with SmallWorld and ESRI products.

XP-RS uses a range of airborne remote sensing technologies to provide the best balance between price and performance for its customers. Data acquisition can be undertaken using fixed-wing or rotary-wing aircraft according to the project specification. For example, helicopters often provide the best LiDAR
platform for existing line surveys with data targetted at
PLS-CADD while fixed-wing aircraft can be more economical for new line route studies. For GIS projects, the acquistion platform will depend on the project specifications.

LiDAR Surveys
GIS Solutions
Vegetation Mapping