About XP-RS

Linear transmission mapping projects are by nature large-scale undertakings that require a significant investment of time and effort on the part of the customer. Since the data to be derived from such a project is often mission-critical and time-sensitive, there is a strong requirement to get the job done right - first time around. While finding a company with a proven track record in managing data acquisition is a priority, that criteria is only part of the solution. Finding the expertise to properly process and deliver your data in a ready-to-use format is just as, if not more essential.

XP-RS is composed of one of the most experienced teams you will find in the USA for linear mapping projects. The company was founded by individuals with experience in providing engineering data for utility company designers, asset managers and GIS professionals - a refreshing change from the general survey companies that turn a hand to corridor mapping every once-in-a-while!

When you decide to work with XP-RS you bring on board individuals that like to partner on your project. This will invariably lead to suggestions across the board such as; data acquistion parameters, data formats, feature-code conventions, geodatabase schema, CAD symbology and even alternate delivery time-lines to maximize the project life-cycle.

XP-RS brings a unique blend of industry expertize to its corner of the remote sensing market which includes:

  • Transmission line deisgn software
  • Design of airborne remote sensing systems
  • Computer programming for:
    • Engineering design
    • Land survey applications
    • GPS/Remote sensing solutions
    • GIS applications
    • IMP algorithms
    • Image recognition technologies
  • Project management

When you can't trust your project to just anybody, talk to XP-RS. We would like to get to know your project, understand your needs and work with with you to achieve a common goal. Contact us directly. Let's talk about it!

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